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HELP!- african american hair growth help! =]?

Hi! I`m a 17 year old african american female who is looking for tips on further growing my hair so that it`s long and healthy. During the summer, i`d gotten my hair cut due to massive split-ins from micros and highlights. It was cut into a bob, so the back of my head was SHAVED OFF. Now it is almost shoulder lengh, but i would like for it to be midway down my back before next summer. Is this possible?

My hair is relaxed and I get a relaxer every 7 to 8 weeks. HELP! thanks so much! It`s simi-kinky of course (lol) and it tends to get dry often, so i try to keep it moisturized. =]

*Shampoo-Luster`s Pink Conditioning Shampoo

*Conditioner-Soft Sheen-Carson Optimum Care Stay Strong

*Hair Grease-Hawaiian Silky Herbal "Sure Gro"

HELP!- african american hair growth help! =]?

I think you're setting yourself up for disappointment by hoping for mid-back length hair by next summer. Instead, why not set some smaller goals? Go for armpit length by the beginning of the summer. Hopefully you'll meet or exceed that goal. Then you can shoot for bra strap length by beginning of winter. And so on...Reward yourself each time you reach a goal. These small goals and rewards will help keep you on track so that you don't give up.

I think relaxing every 8 weeks is fine. In the meantime, try washing and conditioning your hair every week. Deep condition every two weeks. Get a trim with every relaxer. A quarter of an inch should do just fine if you're taking good care of your hair.

Taking good care of your hair would include: moisturizing your ends nightly ( has a good product for this), covering your hair with a scarf nightly, low manipulation, low heat (VERY important), wear your hair up as much as possible, keep your hair off fabrics like wool (coats, hats, and sweaters), keep your hands off your hair.

Good luck! I'm sure you can do it!

HELP!- african american hair growth help! =]?

Just continue to keep it washed and conditioned every 2 weeks and your scalped greased. I have used the Pink Oil moisturizer. I find that it dries my hair and scalp.Try Mega Care raw shea butter oil. It can be found at hair and beauty supplies stores. It comes in a small clear tube. Also use it to wrap your hair. It works better than wrap%26amp;tap. Your will be so silky.

HELP!- african american hair growth help! =]?

First, when you are relaxing your hair, make sure that you are only relaxing the new growth, and not all of your hair. (Some people do all of the hair, which is incorrect.) Next, you should drink plenty of water, which will not only help with heair growth, but will also detoxify your body of any impurities. you should also take vitamins that are targeted at hair and nail growth (and multi-vitamins won't hurt either). Also, lay off of the micros, or any other style that will damage your hair. If you don't already, I suggest taht you invest in a satin hair scarf to wrap your head in at night - or a satin pillowcase. The cotton from your pillow case or a cotton scarf is also rough on your hair since it sucks the moisture out of it. And one other thing, try using a hot oil treatment when once a week when you wash and condition your hair. Alberto VO5 has a great one that you don't even have to heat up. You just wet your hair, then put in about a quarter of the bottle (one bottle = four applications) for one minute, then rinse it out. After that, you continue with your normal shampoo and conditioning routine. It leaves your hair softer and easier to manage. I hope this helps. :)

HELP!- african american hair growth help! =]?

hello OK so I'm on answers allot and i see allot of people men and women asking about hair growth so i got really tired of type it over and over so i writting an official one that i can just copy and paste to you guys...OK

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HELP!- african american hair growth help! =]?

you should take a look at this website

they have discussions on black hair issues

i hope this helps

HELP!- african american hair growth help! =]?

you can do a two strand twist or braids with your hair. try to use natural hair products for your hair. has great advice on natural products.

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